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Childbirth/Effect of gallstone on pregnancy


I am in the 31st week of pregnancy.
3 days back suddenly started feeling pain in upper abdomain. Then I undergone Whole Abdomen Scanning which showed > I have several gallstones (Cholecystitis)
      > there is no evidence of CHOLEYSTIN.
      > mild Splenomegaly       
Result of LFT shows Liver functioning properly. (total bilirubin - 1.10, direct bilirubin 0.2)
SERUM AMYLASE test shows 160.30

From today, as per doctor's advice, I have started taking UDILIV-150 mg and TAXIM-O 200.
After dinner, I am feeling pain in upper abdomen.
Please let me know if these medicines have any adverse effect on baby and how to get rid of gallstone pain before childbirth ?

It seems odd that your doctor would prescribe Udiliv if your liver function is still normal.  Udiliv is designed to supplement/replace the bile normally produced by your liver and gallbladder, and is usually prescribed in cases of partial liver failure with accompanying jaundice and/or cholestasis.  However, although studies specifically on pregnant humans have not been done, animal studies have not shown any toxicity during pregnancy.

Taxim-O is a broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic.  This type of antibiotic is usually reserved for resistant bacterial infections that have not responded to other treatment.  Has your doctor given you any indication of why you are on antibiotic treatment?  Gallstones are not caused by an infection, and treatment with antibiotics in the absence of a confirmed infection contributes to antibiotic resistance.  Taxim-O, or cefixime, is listed as pregnancy category B, indicating that it is believed to be relatively safe in pregnancy.

Attacks of pain related to gallstones are usually brought on by fatty foods.  Restricting the amount of fat you eat in a single meal may reduce the amount of pain you feel after meals.  Also, you may want to ask your doctor or midwife about taking dandelion extract as a liver and gallbladder supplement; some women find relief from gallbladder attacks during pregnancy by adding this to their daily vitamin supplements.


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