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Childbirth/Second pregnancy after cerclage

Advertisement wrote at 2011-07-17 22:21:55
I had a few pregnancy lost, had the cerclage done on my third pregnancy, I am so blessed and thankful for the cerclage, I have two beautiful twin girls.  however, I do not believe you needed the cerclage and I believe the doctor did it as a precaution.  I always thought that in order to have a cerclage done you had to have had two pregnancy lost,  but I guess when the cervix is not acting right they resort to a cerclage as a precaution as soon a s possible regardless of your history.  I know it was hard and expensive.  I did bedrest during my entire pregnacy.  My husband and I was not intimate the entire time and it drew us apart, and then when I had the babies we got further apart.  I almost lost my marriage over it, but I had to do it and I do not regret it, but from experience, it is no walk in the park. So for the sake of your unborn child, take the cerclage.  The cervix might seem o.k now, but from experience, it happens so fast, and to lose a child, is very hard.  I lost my unborned chgildren at five months of pregnancy both times.  It is very hard.

mamarobertson wrote at 2012-01-18 02:18:52
I would ask your doctor to monitor you closely, with constant checks, ulstrasounds etc. i have IC. mine is a result of trauma done to my cervix during my first pregnancy (which was normal, the labor was handled badly by the doctor). I figured out at 20wks when i was rushed to the hospital that i was dialted 10cm, completely 100%effaced with no feelings to have told me any of it was happening. my 3rd baby i had a cerclage, and they took it out at 34wks due to premature labor, which they stopped, and i ended up at 39 wks delivering after begging a doctor at that point to break my water to get it going. I don't think you had an incompetent cervix. though i am not a doctor either. but i really think he jumped the gun. i would do what your gut is telling you. i knew everything i was doing was right for my baby. i knew something was going to be wrong long before anything went wrong when i lost my little girl. just ask them to keep a very close eye just in case, rapid change means bedrest, continued change means cerclage. that simple. even with me it's the same. my doctor's great. she indicated that i needed my creclage at 16 weeks. she was right and everything went very well. but she didn't send me for one until she knew it was the time. follow your mother's instinct mama. you know what's best for you and your baby. we all do. and don't be afraid to push for what you want. it's your body.  

Tessa wrote at 2013-02-14 00:24:13
Hello! I would say ask anything and everything you feel need or want. You are pregnant and it's you and your baby that comes first as you already know. Don't feel like an imposition at all and don't say you know nothing. You may not be a medical professional but have woman's intuition! You know lot's, it's your body and I think every pregnancy is it's own. One can go one way while another can go another. I say check because of the history and see that your cervix is good and healthy. It's better to know than to wonder especially while pregnant. Why add stress? In most case you will be fine and all good but listen to what your baby your body and your inner voice says. I feel your concern is already a sign to get questions answered so you can be at peace. Good luck all the best and many blessings.

Tessa ~


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