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Childbirth/What is my conception date?


I will give u the quick story and facts. I got my petiod July 22nd, ,2012.August 3rd went emergency room for stomach pain and the fact that i was still on. I was given a pregnancy test that was positive.Doctor said i may be having a miscarriage. August 6th i given bloid test that showed i was indeed pregnant. But on September 23rd, 2012 a ultrsound said i was 5wks 1day. And on October 26st the ultrasound said i was 10wks 1day.To me nothing adds uo. My doctor believes i had a miscarriage around the beginning of August then ovulated around August 29-30th making my due date May 23rd, 2013.The things is that i don't remember getting my period in August.Please help me understand. Did have a miscarriage? Then come right back on around August16th ans conceive around August 29th.Is it even poasible to ovulate right after a miscarriage?

It sounds like your doctor is correct.  From the information you provided, it does seem that you miscarried at the end of July/early August and then conceived at the end of August.  Yes, you can ovulate right after a miscarriage and because of the hormonal changes from a miscarriage, you might not have had another period before you ovulated and conceived. Everything seems to point to a miscarriage at the July 22nd period and conception again around August 29th.


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