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Childbirth/Who is the father of my unborn child?


I have very irregular periods, sometimes twice a month and sometimes not at all. I had one on July 14th-19th and again on July 31-Aug 5th. I had unprotected sex with guy 1 on Aug 5th, although he did not ejaculate inside me (pre-cum). I then had unprotected sex on aug 24th with guy 2, where he did ejaculate inside of me. I also had an egg white substance in my vaginal area around the time of the 24th. I had a pregnancy test done on the 28th at the clinic because I was getting on birth control,  and it came back negative.  I then had one done on Sept.  9th that came back positive. I had an ultrasound done on Oct. 5th, in which I was given a due date of 5/17/2013. The ultrasound tech told me I conceived around the 24th, which is when I was with guy 2, and what im hoping is correct.  I also looked at conception date calenders by reversing the due date, n all of them gave me the ovation date of the 24th.I had an anatomy ultrasound done at 18 weeks and the due date remained the same. It seems obvious on who the father is, but my period is what throws me off. Please help ease my mind.

It is man #2's baby, without question.  When your cycles are irregular, they are not helpful in determining a conception date because your ovulation will vary from cycle to cycle.  However, ultrasound between 8-10 weeks is the most accurate way to date a pregnancy.  Your ultrasound on Oct. 5th would have been when you were 8 weeks pregnant, which means it's very accurate.  There's simply no way that man #1 could be the father or your ultrasound measurements would have shown you to be almost a full 3 weeks farther along than you are.  


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