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Childhood-Trauma Recovery/Wife was chronically ill in childhood, emotionally is still not over


Dear Peter,

My wife had heart operation and epilepsy during childhood, and she was treated as the "heart operated" poor little girl, everybody was sorry for and her mum was busy talking to others about how much sacrifices she had done to her.

We married when she was 19, that was 9 years ago. She is symptom free and her medical condition does not restict her in any way.

We moved to a different country, where nobody knows about her "sick" childhood and she flourishes, does exceptionally well at work, is very pretty, intelligent, has many male admireres.

However when her parents or "old friends" call her she gets frustrated and miserable making contact with acquaintances from the part of the world that still considers herself the "heart operated poor girl".

I wish to support her recovery and desire to live to her full potential as much as I can but I have a dillema.

She feels that avoiding all contact with the old friends and family is the best way forward.

I think that it is not running aways from these people that will lead to lasting recovery but it is accepting her backgroud fully and facing the "enemies" (people seeing her as the sick child) with confidece accepting the less than fortunate childhood and confidence in the future.

My question: how can I best serve her interests to break free from this childhood trauma?

Your response is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Hello Sefatias - your concern for and admiration of your wife is clear from what you write. I agree that avoiding contact with judgmental people is not the best solution. If she now sees herself as a well person, then what would be helpful is her choosing to use the learnable skills of "empathic listening" and "assertion" with people that still view her with pity: - specially "I-messages"

It might be useful for her to assess whether she retains any psychological damage from her childhood trauma:

If she does, consider both of you taking this free online "lesson" in psychological recovery:

If these bring up questions for either of you, please ask!

Respectfully, Pete

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