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Hi, I am 15 and my best friend, who is 16, was raped when he was 8. He has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. He used to have sex with other men for money from age 13 to a few months ago. He is very violent; when he gets angry he will hurt other people and himself. I have found the only way to stop him when he is doing this is to hug him until he stops hitting me. He was also in an abusive relationship last year. He has a lot of trouble trusting people. The only people he trusts are me, his twin brother, and his current boyfriend. How can I help him be less nervous, violent, and untrusting?

Hi Mandi - I applaud your wish to help your friend. Your acceptance of and caring about him is already a major gift. I suspect his biggest problem is coming from a majorly dysfunctional family, which you cannot "fix." His second probable problem is inheriting a group of psychological "wounds" from his adults. His abuse traumas have amplified these wounds. You can encourage him to learn what's happened to him #and them# by studying and talking about these articles:

Healing from sexual abuse [SA] is a complex, lengthy process which requires knowledgeable professional help. There are trained therapists and recovery groups in most cities to help SA survivors who are ready to heal. Your school counselor/s and/or church leaders may be able to recommend local resources and programs to help. Try searching for "sexual abuse recovery" and "sexual abuse recovery groups" on the Web  to learn more about this.

Besides listening to him, accepting and caring for him, hugging him, and encouraging him learn about abuse [wound] recovery and to get professional help, the best thing you can do is to take care of yourSELF. Use this ageless wisdom as a guide: and avoid feeling responsible for reducing his pain.

Compassionately, Pete  

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