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Anticipating a trip to Chile in February/March, with leisure touring in both Chile and Argentina.  For regional contacts, I would like to rent a basic cell phone (voice calls only) for up to three weeks.  It must be capable of calls both within and between the two countries.  What can you suggest?  Or can you provide email addresses for Movistar and Claro?


Hello Frank,

Your best bet is probably to buy a phone with minutes already included (this is what I have done in the past).  Generally, you can go to any mall in Santiago (eg, Alto de Las Condes or Parque Arauco) and find a booth that sells phones with the minutes.  They deduct the minutes at some rate when you call and I think that you can call pretty much anywhere (you need to ask though --- but you might also want to consider buying a calling card for the international calls).  

Have you considered using skype for the international call (or even the regular ones as long as you are in an "internet rich environment"??).  You may be able to download the app onto your phone and call any phone, anywhere as long as you are somewhere where there is internet, say, a Starbucks??

Contacting either movistar or claro by e-mail is nearly impossible; you won't get any answers.

Hope this helps some.  regards,



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