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Sorry, should have said Chile and Argentina!

Anticipating a trip to Chile in February/March, with leisure touring in both countries.  For regional contacts, I would like to rent a basic cell phone (voice calls only) for up to three weeks.  It must be capable of calls both within and between the two countries.  What can you suggest?  Or can you provide email addresses for Movistar and Claro?


You can rent a phone in chile or Argentina but nevertheless the companies are the same and the owner is the same they work as individual companies
With this I mean that if you rent the phone in chile you must return it in chile, same with Argentina

My suggestion is to buy a prepay phone, it will cost you 40 usd but comes with 40 dollars for calling
The best company in chile is entel
This phone won't work in Argentina, so there you must do the same

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i do not have any experience in tourist guide beside all the tours that i have made around the world, but you can be sure about my good will to help you enjoy your visit to chile

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