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Chip wrote at 2008-07-24 02:33:42
My family purchased a Schrader Fireplace in the 80's and it did not have a seal/gasket around the doors.  If you're having a problem with smoke, try opening the flue up more or opening up the draw on the front of the stove.  This is a great unit as it allows you to open the doors wide and use a screen when you want to enjoy the fire.

Lhkountryboy wrote at 2008-09-27 15:21:42
Schrader Fabricating & Welding,801 North 8th Street,Niles,MI,49120,(269)684-4494  is NOT out of business, atleast not when I called them a couple years ago, just no longer make wood stoves. They fixed me up with  info on my '85 Schrader Dutchess, after they quit laughing.

"My God, you STILL have one of those?", they quipped. Then they kindly faxed me the spec sheets with clearences, etc. Gaskets for mine are just the universal woven rope style available at local home centers. My welded boilerplate steel model with two cast brass doors with glass has been burning every winter since '85 with no problems, (other than the need to replace some S/S steel flue items and cap, which were aftermarket anyway.) It is a workhorse that will likely outlast me.

Captain run wrote at 2009-09-18 04:06:03
I also have the same wood stove and mine is also lacking the gasket. I am fairly sure that it never had one since there are no signs a gasket ever existed. I am just installing this stove and will let you know how it works.

tbnc70 wrote at 2009-09-26 02:29:14
Schrader went out of business in the 80's... about 5 miles from my house.  I heat 1,400 sq. ft. with my  double door... with the tree on each.  And yes you door need a gasket... actually two.  One on the interior of each door and one on the area where they close together... all of this is the worst feature of the stove... you bump it with a log and it comes off... you want Rutland Red fire seal caulk... not the black stuff.... you also have to clean the doors down to bare metal for a proper seal.  Also... be careful not to over heat the stove... the doors are aluminum and can warp... mine are slightly but not enough to matter.  Hope that helps.

Dick Cleveland wrote at 2009-10-21 18:30:19

My name is Dick Cleveland. I also own a small Schrader wood burning stove with two doors in front. I do not have a model number or manual but would like them if available anywhere? Also I wish to vet it up through my roof which has a metal covering. I need some sort of storm collar, flashing seal, that insulates the pipe from the wood. Can you help me please??


Rose Gress wrote at 2009-11-30 23:47:24
I too have a small Schrader wood burning stove. I would like to have the screen that once came with it. Any chance you would know where I could get one? The screen safely allows you see the fire with the doors open. Even though I bought this stove used I am positive it once had the screen.

Fred wrote at 2009-12-01 20:03:27

I have an old Schrader in my house; it's been here since before I

bought the house (1983). I'm in Tallahassee, Florida, so I don't

get a long season, regrettably, 'cause I love it.  I never had the

manual that came with it, and for years used it without any gasket.

Then one day I took the doors off to clean them and realized there was a gasket track.  Went down to my local hardware, bought a gasket that fit, and since then I've been able to control

the airflow with the spinners on the door, and have gotten much

more efficient burn, use half as much wood as I did before. Took

me 25 years to discover this, but better late than never. What an

incredibly well built stove. I think the prior owner of the house

told me she had bought the stove at Lowe's, sometime in the late


Eric wrote at 2010-07-03 16:42:35
No seal is needed, none came with. The draw is how this keeps smoke from coming back. Schrader stoves were simple, and still the best made, EVER!

JB wrote at 2011-01-08 19:58:41
Thanks, Fred.  Our house has a Schrader upstairs and down.  One has the stack on top, the other on the back.  The "backdraft" model sucks wood like a vacuum cleaner.  I have thought of adding gaskets to slow the burn since we bought the house 10 years ago.  Gonna' give it a try!

woodburner wrote at 2011-01-17 14:22:58
DO NOT seal the doors with any type of liner.  Schrader stoves are designed to brethe with all dampers closed down.  The doors 'without' seals are a safety feature that keeps you from having a surprise blowback if you open the door on a dampered down stove.  I have owned and used the schrader product for 32 years and can tell you that you dont want to make any change on the original design.

Fred Spears wrote at 2011-07-12 01:51:21
I have a Schrader Woodstove, and I do use gasket in the doors.  There is a gasket

track around three sides of both doors.  I'm going into my local woodstove store

tomorrow to get a better (thinner) gasket material.  The last gasket material I bought

was a little too thick, and it made it hard to keep the doors shut.  The amount of air

you feed the fire can be fairly well controlled by the round air intakes.  Too little air,

though, and the fire will die. Hard to find a balance between too much air and too

little. I love the stove, have had it for years (came with the house, I think the original owner said she bought it from Lowe's.

Sam VonKolten wrote at 2015-10-27 09:23:15
Hi sam in coos county oregon.

   Im sitting here by the shrader in the living room of our 114 yr old house it is new too us but something of a landmark here in north bend. It is near to the older area of Simpson heights at the elbow of the bay were spans the McCullough bridge. The stove is a magnificent heater and is the Leading source of heat in the house which is all of three stores and and plenty of hi ceilings.

  I Can assure you that the shrader stoves did indeed not come equipped with gaskets and should have metal plates on the inside of each of the door vents These features are by design to prevent the back fire that occurs when a Hot fire starved of air suddenly gets a draft from the chimney. The event causes a sudden burn of the gasified fuel in the stove, which is very capable of explosive forces that can blow the stove open and cause tremendous amounts of damage. I know because i have personally witnessed the event with the very stove in operation in this house. I advise anyone using a Shrader or any other wood stove to adhere to spec and do not modify your stove. They are potentially dangerous and every-time one of them goes of some nut tries to make another rule that prevents the use and it is not the stove its the idiot that uses it wrong. DON'T ALTER YOUR WOOD STOVE AND MAINTAIN THEM AS SPECIFIED BY MANUFACTURER.

woodsmamma wrote at 2016-01-01 17:18:18
I, too, have added a gasket. It got way too hot and then burns out quickly, before gasket was added. The gaskets have evened out the temperature and I only have to add wood every 12 hours to have the fire going year around. Its a great stove, a little on the inefficient side, but it will have to do for now as it came with the house I just bought. I was spoiled by Avalon stove at my last house. The Schrader is a beast, however, and I like it better now with the gaskets in place. The door has a millimeter or two of a crack at the top because the gasket is a little thick, but I have not found that to be a problem. I leave one handle craxked open a quarter turn at night and it stays the perfect temp without going through wood like crazy or having to restart a new fire each morning.

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