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Hi Bart,

Thank you for taking time to answer my question.

I have no literature onthe Heatilator fireplace in my home.

Here is what I do have:  Fireplace AG411868
There are two mondel numbers on the metal plaque on the fireplace.
Model number GR4 and EC36
Fan Kit: FK18

I tried to locate the fan switch. I did look at all the walls to see if there was a switch of some sort. I flipped every switch, the fireplace was burning long enough for the temp to register and trigger an automatic fan. There is no fan that I can hear or feel. I also closed the glass doors, thinking it would push air out of the louvers, and nothing happened. The fire got a little lively, but nothing major.

I understand that sometimes, the fan can be located behind the bottom louver. There is no switch ,button on the louver. The louver appears to be grouted in place.  It seems to me that i cannot pull the louver away from the fireplace because of the grout.  Is there another way? I see screws in the gutter that hold the folding glass doors.  Is that just for the gutter or does it also hold the louver in place?

On the insert itself, just behind the left hand side of the screen, is a 2in dia.hole that has a very thin lever like piece of metal, the end is bent at a right angle,which makes it easy to grasp.  It wiggles, but I'm afraid to place any pressure on it, so I have not pulled, pushed or turned this lever.

On the exterior of the firelace is hole with a key, and I know that to be the gas. It works and seems to only turn on and adjust the gas flow.

So in short, where do you think the fan is?


Hi Sabrina,

There likely was no optional fan installed in that unit.  You have a Heatilator Model EC36.

The fan access on that unit is through the refractory floor panel, which must be partially removed, then a gasket panel removed to access the lower cabinet.

The lever on the left side is for outside combustion air.

A manual on this fireplace can be found at:

Fans on those units typically did little or nothing to actually warm the room.  Remember, This fireplace is intended to operate as a supplemental heat source for a single room. It is not designed to function as a primary heat source for a structure.

Thanks for using AllExperts.Com and good luck with your project.

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