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I just purchased a home that has a timberline airtight wood stove built into a large stone fireplace.  The doors are missing on the stove and I wondered if anyone makes a set of doors that would work on the unit or if there is an insert that could be installed to make the unit functional?  The previous owner said the chimney is clay tile and I would like to replace it with a flexible stainless steel liner - am I on the right track or do I need to replace the whole thing and start over?



You are on the right track.  What it sounds like is what we in the business call a "slammer".  The insert has been installed into the fireplace without the benefit of being properly connected to a chimney liner.  Unfortunately I do not know of a retailer for the doors you need but none the less that is likely an older unit that does not meet current EPA requirements and therefore you might have problems with the local code official in getting an insulated liner installed and connected to that appliance with approval.
I would really consider a new unit from scratch and make sure once the unit is removed that the fireplace get inspected (Level II)and swept.  Anytime a "slammer" is removed the creosote build up is unreal and very ripe for a chimney fire.
Also ensure that if you do have a stainless steel liner installed that it is properly insulated as any solid fuel ie wood, coal or pellet is required to be insulated.
I hope this has been helpful.  Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.  Thank you.


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