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QUESTION: Over a year ago we had a stainless steel liner placed in our chimney. It seems to work OK, however, we are noticing an excessive amount of black soot in and around our stove.  We know that this is also collecting on our furniture and floor. It is to the point of stop using the stove.  We are getting ready to call the installer, but would like your opinion before we do.  What is causing the soot to collect?

ANSWER: Hello Richard, when was the last time it was cleaned? and is it still connected property? Could it be the ashes blowing around when you open the door to feed the fire?
I would start there.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your help..  My wife cleaned thoroughly yesterday, and she noticed a lot of black soot on top of the stove, after using a soft brush on it.  The stove was cold as we were not around the day before.  She continued to dust around the room and then noticed a lot of soot on the duster when she took it to the garage and shook it out- even had some on her hand when she beat it against her hand.  I'm certain there is some dust accumulating after opening and closing the door, but I try to be careful to not scatter the dust from the wood and stove when I add wood. We have never had this problem before.  We have it cleaned every year, and the people who installed the stainless pipe came back in the fall and cleaned it as part of the original deal.

Welcome back Richard, is that stove in the same chimney as an oil fired boiler,furnace, hot water heater?
you might be pulling that sooty air down in the negative pressure.
do a though cleaning of you hoe, wait a day or two and then recheck (with out using the stove and se if that "soot" happens again)
then call you guys out to clean it and see what they say.
Keep me posted
Happy Holidays

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