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QUESTION: I have a 1983 Martin industries prefab fireplace - Model LF36B.  The bottom panel is cracked down the middle. I attempted to patch the crack by spreading a layer over the entire bottom panel with Meeco Mfg furnace cement/fireplace mortar (ready to use high temp silicate).  I allowed the 24 hour dry time and made a fire.  The layer of cement I put down started to bubble all over the place.  What would cause this?  Is there a better cement I can use to repair the crack and re-coat the base?  I've heard of refractory cement and castable refractory cement, but don't know the difference or which would be best.  The crack is about 1/16" thick.  Also, if I decided to replace the bottom panel, where could I get a panel like this?  The panel is smooth (no brick lines) and sits in a metal bottom.  It looks like it may have been poured in the metal form.  The sides and back are regular brick pattern panels and are held in by clips.
Thanks for your time!

ANSWER: Hello Marc, I could not find a manual for that unit, and not sure you could find a replacement panel or castable, for a 30 year old unit.
they make an Ash Tray that you can use on the bottom of the fireplace (do a Google search), I would have a local Certified Chimney Sweep, (there you can look up by zip code to find one near you) take a first hand look at what you have just to check it out, they should be able to help.
Hope this helps

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QUESTION: Do u know what caused the bubbling and what would be best to fill a crack?

Welcome back Marc, maybe the heat or the wrong product was used and that is why it bubbled? There is nothing that will hold up to the heat to fill a crack like yours, either replace it or use the ash tray to keep the heat and hot ashes fro getting in there.
good luck

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