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Hi.  I had my chase cover replaced last week.  We went on the roof a day ago to remove some limbs after a storm and noticed that there was standing water on the new cover.  My understanding is that this is very bad and should not be happening, especially on a cover that is less than a week old.  I have tried contacting the company that did the work and no one is getting back with me.  Before I get more aggressive with my efforts to have this corrected, I want to make sure that there is indeed a problem with the new chase cover from an outside source (you!).  I really appreciate your time and expertise.

Hello Alicia, this cover looks ok from what I can see, there is a Break (criss cross) on it and that helps pitch most of the water off the edges, the collar is the leak link in this cover, most have a hole that the "collar" is spot welded and then Siliconed (I use one made by Barnhill Chimney859-219-8736, you can mention my name) they fabricate a rolled lip 1/2" up  that the "Collar" os spot welded to, then Siliconed, this give a 1/2" before standing water can get in.
will this one leak, time will tell, but a lot will "sag a bit" it is the collar connection that will make or brake it, ask them who they used, I know a lot in the industry, most last for many many years.
Hope this helped

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