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I have a Heatilator EC36 fireplace. The unit has glass doors and the fan is a FK14 and there is mention of a GR4 but does not state what that part is.  Here is my issue.. The fan is turned on by a single switch and the fan is very very loud.. to the point that in our living room you cannot have a conversation or watch tv, it sounds like you are standing right next to an industrial vent.. On various sites around the web I have seen other fan/blowers with an adjustment knob and not the simple on/off flip switch that came with our home.. Hence I want to know if I can replace the flip switch with a standard dimmer type switch or some other proper switch type.  

I also saw another post of yours where you had a link to the EC36 Manual, but I couldn't determine how one would remove the lower louver vent/panel to access the fan/blower, as I surmise that the fan could perhaps be replaced with a quieter model..


Hi Jeffrey,

Those fans are typically pretty loud.  Some of them can have a rheostat installed instead of the on/off switch, but not all.  If you have the FK18 fan kit, it can have a variable speed control installed in place of the on/off switch.  The FK18 Kit looks like two computer fans under the unit.  You should be able to see it through the louvers.  They are typically accessed by removing the refractory panel(s).  It's not a DIY procedure.

These fans will not put out much heat or airflow.  Those fireplaces are really not designed to produce heat, they're only a small supplemental heat producer.

You'll need to stay with that fireplace manufacturer's recommended fan as that is the fan that is tested and listed with that unit.

The GR4 is a grate for that fireplace.

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