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I am trying to hook up a wood stove I bought from homedepot, to my old chimney support box.

The new flu collar is 6" the support box inner diameter appears to be 7".

I am using imperial blackstove pipe because it is the only thing that seems to fit in my homedepot stove. There are two 6" to 7" adapters. I thought the crimped end should good down so I tried the one with the crimp on the 6" male end. The 7" side on that one has a 7 1/16" female opening. It does not fit around the inner ring which appears to be the same diameter with the walls.

The other adapter with the crimped male end on the 7" side, fits up into the 7" opening of the support box. Fits pretty snug, but then I have a female on bottom and have to use a double side male coupler to continue down with pipe. I am not sure if that is ok since the adapters male crimped end would be facing upward instead of down like it is supposed to be for dripping the creosote.

I have pictures of my support box. I cannot seem to identify what type it is.

Any help on identify the box and a good solution to get this hooked up would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Michael, lets start with all Male ends should face down, so that little lip in the ceiling support should go in to the pipe below (may need to be crimped, you can buy one at Home Depot), and so on down to the stove  last piece should go into the stove top, all joints should have 3 screws, that "black pipe" requires 18" to combustibles. Check with local building department before install for local codes and permits required.
hope this helps, keep me posted

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