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QUESTION: I read a similar post a few days ago concerning the brick looking walls and floor of my Temco TFC-39-2 fireplace. I have not been able to find anyone who can sell me these parts. I had no idea that you could install parts that weren't made by Temco. I see you are Certified by CSIA and I looked them up and was impressed. I am selling my house and the buyer is concerned about this. If you could help me with this, but to be clear, CSIA says i can fix my fireplace this way or just you, or both? Where can I find this info online to give to the buyer? Thanks James, you have made my day!

ANSWER: Hello Jon, there is a long Release form that the CSIA suggests be signed by the home owner requiring to also check with your building department, if they say ok, they make Replacement refractory panels that you can cut with a hand saw (very easy) do a Google search.
I think you would be better using a CSIA sweep to do the install, as we deal with this on a daily basis
hope this helped

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QUESTION: Thanks James,

Where can I find this form for the buyer of my home? I just got off the phone with a CSIA certified sweep and was told I had to use (OME?) parts made by Temco? Something about the code? He sent me a manual of my fireplace and showed me where it says I can only put on parts made by Temco and that if we modify anything it will void a warrantee. If this is safe, I don't know why this is such a big deal. Should I call CISA? Thanks again for all your help.

Welcome back Jon, every manufactures says the same thing, Just like Ford says "use Ford parts only" but will a Midas muffler void a warranty on a company you can't find parts for?
This is becoming more and more of a problem as these PreFab units that had a life expectancy of 25 years are now at the end of that life, parts are no longer available and companies are out of business. so what do you do, you have 2 choices, 1 use after market parts when you can't find oem or Rip out the entire fireplace, chimney and replaces it (ball park $15-25,000) top of my head, the CSIA states

The recommendations of the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) in regards to the use and installation of after market parts for a listed product.
As follows, We recommend the use of original equipment manufacture (OEM) parts on any product listed by a nationally recognized listed agency. Using only OEM parts and replacement parts maintains the original integrity and performance characteristics of the product.

If how ever, the after-market parts are installed, the CSIA recommends the following

  The use of the after-market part does not conflict with policies established by the authority having jurisdiction (you must verify these products with the same).
  The after-market part is designed and manufactured to perform in the same manner as the original and does not alter the basic design and the operation of the system.
  The installer explains the installation of the after-market part and the reason for its use to the homeowner.
  The installer documents that the homeowner acknowledges and authorizes the installation of the after-market part or parts.

the CSIA Sweep should have know this
hope this helps

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