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I want to recess a fridge into and existing fire place in my kitchen.Is it safe to cut hole in the brick work to fit my fridge iam putting my fridge in fire place recess and it jut's out to far so by cutting out the bricks i can push it further back in the wall.if i cut the bricks out will the fire place collapse.its the cavity wall iam cutting.

Hello John, I am in the USA and have no idea how they build Chimney in Australia, I am not sure what will happen if  you cut the brick out, there are literally 1000's of fireplace designs and every fireplace chimney is build a bit different, you might have to get an engineer to run the numbers as that chimney you want to cut the brick out of to side your fridge in to, might have a heating flue and you could run Co poisoning if you compromise that flue or worse case scenario the chimney could collapse. hope this helped

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