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Joe wrote at 2015-11-16 04:48:46
Alright, so yeah, uh.. over the last year the local govt. visa offices in China (SZ) have on 3 occasions told me there is NO such thing as a 10 year visa, for anyone, period. However, upon further investigation, finally allowed to speak with the local head officer, I found out that YES, there IS indeed a 10 year visa, but it MUST be obtained from outside of the mainland. Even for somebody like myself that has lived here for 13 years and been married to a Chinese citizen for 8 of those. While in the USA my wife would be able to live and work immediately upon arrival, visa-free, forever.. if we chose to live there. So much for this supposed reciprocal agreement I keep hearing about in the news.

Anyway. SO.. someone who has never been to China before, doesn't know anyone here and would merely like to travel or maybe move, rent a flat etc... can get a 10 year multi-entry L visa, while all I can get is a 6 month (with 60 day in/out stamps) Q2 non-working visa. Yeah, that makes perfect sense! Awesome.

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