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Chinese Law/How to establish a business in China without giving your partner too much power/influence in the company?


Dear Mr. Dong,

I would like to manufacture a product within mainland China, and distribute the product to various shops throughout this country. I have a friend, who is a Chinese citizen, who is happy to help me do this.

I'm happy for all the documents and paperwork concerning law, tax and other corporate matters to be in his hands, because my knowledge of Chinese law/tax is minimal and my Chinese language ability is not fluent. I will only make mistakes if I have to sign Chinese documents and assume knowledge of Chinese corporate law. Also I am not familiar with all the other responsibilities and restrictions on foreigners managing businesses in China.

However, since all documents and legal certificates will be in his name, how can I ensure that I remain in control of the ~50% of my company and I receive the appropriate amount of post-tax income? I don't want to wake up one morning after an argument with him and find that I can no longer manage the company with him as I may not have to legal right to.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Li,

There is not any restrictions for foreigners managing businesses in China.
you can run your business by yourself without any restrictions.

If your business is totally controled by your friend, there would be no insurance for your benefit.



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