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Chinese/Maker's mark on Chinese enameled bowl



I have ane enameled bowl from China.  I am told that it is 19th century, but really don't believ that it is.  i was wondering if you could translate the maker's mark for me, and possibly determine the date?  A pic is attached.

Thank you!

Dear Dave,

    Thanks for your question! You know it's always tough for a modern Chinese people to recognize antient Chinese fonts, so you should pay me for my answer.
    Okay, just a joke. From the picture you attached in this question, I can make a primary judge for you that the characters of this mark are "清乾隆年制" (pinyin: Qing Qian Long Nian Zhi), which means that it was made in Qianlong period in Qing Dynasty.

    Qianlong(1711-1799) was an emperor of Qing Dynasty, who was in charge of China between 1735 to 1795. So if the bowl you had got was a real one (I mean not fake or artificially imitated by the posterity), I have to congratulate you because it was perhaps made in the middle of 18th century, and I think it owns a very high value.  

    It's my fifth answer in AE, and wish my answer could fit your need!



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