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Painting on silk
Painting on silk  

Female in rickshaw
Female in rickshaw  

I have three silk paintings that  I have been trying to find who the artists are that created them. Two have the same markings . I am not sure of the origin as I have been told that they are Japanese as well as Chinese.  They are on silk.  Any information  is  appreciated.

Hello, Donna,

Thank you for your question.

(1) It appears that you have posted two paintings only.

(2) The name of the artist of "Female in Rickshaw" is 吐(Pinyin: tǔ; meaning: to spit, to put;) 月(Pinyin: yu; meaning: moon, month).

(3) The name of the artist of "Painting on Silk" (is it the name?) is 秀(Pinyin: xi; meaning: pretty, good looking, refined.) 鹰(Pinyin: yīng; meaning: eagle, falcon, hawk).  Here, I have to point out that the resolution of this picture is not high enough. Therefore, the second word "鹰" is my best estimate.

(4) Both paintings have Japanese characters on them. However, the artists seem Chinese. Moreover, the paintings do not have enough details that can convince me they are "made-in-Japan".

I hope you'll find the above information helpful. If you like my input, please rate this answer accordingly.

Sir William  


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