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Chinese/Can you help identify cylinder vase with possible Qing red mark


Tiger Cylinder Vase
Tiger Cylinder Vase  
I have this cylinder vase and cannot find out much about it.  From research it appears the top middle mark means Qing but cannot figure out the rest.  I would like to know what the mark means, maybe a relative age of the item , and what any of the other writing means.  I have attached a composite of 3 images of the vase.  Thanks in advance.

Made in Qing Dynasty
Made in Qing Dynasty  

Made in Qing Dynasty
Made in Qing Dynasty  
Hi, Bill,

The red mark on your cylinder vase means, "Made during the Years of the Qianiong Emperor (1711~1799), Great Qing Dynasty.  (

Our advice for you is be cautious with offers of these merchandises unless you are dealing with reputable vendors/auctioneers.

We attach two similar images from our database for your reference.

Thank you for your question and good luck!

Sir William


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