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Hi I hope you can help me. I'm considering investing in a 'gold' mobile phone number for resale. I've been told certain numbers attract a high price in the Asian market, specifically those with the number 8. I've read up a little on lucky and unlucky numbers for this market but I'm not sure how these would work in combination/sequence. I'm from australia, so the sequence of digits would be 04** *** ***. So for example I've found a number for sale the asking price is $500 which is 0488 800 016. I've read that the combination 1+6+8 = 168 which is a 'magic' lucky number. Would the 0's in the 800016 part cancel out, making it ad up to 168? What other advice can you give me regarding the selection of a profitable number? Thanks!

Dear Sharmila,

It may be true that some Mainland Chinese have deep pockets and they are willing to spend a fortune on 'lucky phone numbers'. I'm not sure you can make any serious money with the sample numbers you posted.

No harm trying, though.

Good luck!

Sir William


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