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Hello I have this new Vase i just got, i was told it's a Kozan mark. But i don't know if it's Chinese or Japanese, i remember you help me with a Vase that had a character mark that say kozan but this one look different, is there a reason why they look different? Here two photos the blue one is the one you help me with awhile back, the gold one is new, dose it say the same word Kozan or different words? or is one older ? Thank you for any help Sir William yr f Victor

Our dear friend, Victor,

I am sorry that it took a bit longer than usual for me to answer your question.  I have been busy setting up a kiosk for trading antique and similar merchandise.

Anyway, the picture with a blue seal is:  庫山窯 Pinyin:ký shān yŠo. Meaning: Treasure Mountain Kiln.  It is a well-known Japanese brand.  And, yes, I did translate the similar brand name previously.

The picture with a red seal is: 虎山 Pinyin: hǔ shān. Meaning: Tiger Mountain.  These items of this brand can be found in Jiang Xi, China and in Taiwan.  For your information, my collector friends tend to be extremely cautious with antiques with this brand name. Our suggestion on this vase is: Unless it is very, very cheap to buy, don't touch it.  Having said so, our comment is made on the basis of what we can see in your picture and according to the professional comments from certain local collectors.

I hope you'll find the above information helpful.  

With kind regards,

Sir William & Associates

P.S.  You can also contact us via SIRWILLIAMK@GMAIL.COM for sensitive issues - there are some information we, as a translator on the all platform, prefer not  to / cannot share with the general public.  


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