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I'd like to cook more stir-fry and noodle dishes, but I don't use soy or soy products, and I'm not a big fan of overly processed stuff either (some Asian sauces are full of artificial ingredients, additives, and sugar when you read the label).

I was wondering if you could suggest some tasty basic combinations to flavor stir-fries and noodles that don't use soy or unhealthy sauces?

I'm fine using ingredients like chilli, garlic, sesame oil, ginger, rice wine vinegar etc...but I don't really know much about how to use them in Asian cooking :-s

Thanks for your help, and happy holidays!

ANSWER: hello Clancy! how r u my Austrllia friends!
because its the holiday I saw your question want to let you know that I saw it and
give me few day and I will answer your questions sorry you have to wait
Merry Christmas and Happ New Year to you n your families

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QUESTION: No problems, it's very hot here, but otherwise everything is good :)

Look forward to hearing your ideas!

Mr. Clancy! I'am sooo sorry I have forgotten about your question please forgive me my Aussie Friend!
you mention that you dont like soy products. those ingredents that you mention that you currently have at home
that will work just find. soy sauce mainly is use to salten your food so use salt instead.
when cooking a noodel dish for example. get your wok hot pour some oil in it then put your chop garlic then stir fry
your noodle then add little salt then pour some seaseme oil at the end. of course you can add chilly sauce if you like
your food spicy. hope this help my friend once again I'am so sorry for getting back to you so late.

Chef Wu

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my greatest accomplishments was I finally learn how to cook this dish call Shrimp with lobster sauce it took me about year to get to where I'am at today!!!!

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