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A local Chinese restaurant, now closed,used to make this. The owner’s wife shared the following info: She said to soak the chicken breast in milk, then coat in a mixture of cracker meal, salt, sugar, and white pepper. Then fry. For the gravy or sauce: Almond juice, msg, sugar, salt, onion powder, cornstarch and water. What is Almond Juice? The sauce was light brown in color and almondy in taste. If you have any thing to add to this, please post.

Hello Barbara! I think you the same lady that I answer earlier about the coloring of the fried rice? nice to hear from you again
Almond juice you can buy it from your local chinese grocery store I hope there's one near by. I don't have anything else to
add to that receipts . have a good day

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my greatest accomplishments was I finally learn how to cook this dish call Shrimp with lobster sauce it took me about year to get to where I'am at today!!!!

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