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I just ate some yellow colored fried rice, do they color the water the rice is cooked in, or do they add the coloring in the wok when frying the rice. It was so evenly colored. It wasn't turmeric,saffon or curry flavored.

I heard they use egg shade yellow coloring to color Egg Drop Soup,
could I use that to color the rice or just use yellow coloring.

Thanks so much for your help.:) :)

hello Barbara! this is chef Wu how are you? thank you for your question let me answer your questions.
the yellow rice that you eat at your local chinese restaurant they do put the yellow coloring inside the water
that the rice is cook in thats how they turn yellow. as far as you want to color your own rice I would just use the
egg shade yellow coloring for the egg drop soup. one word of advice, I like my friend rice cook in soy sauce
because as you know those coloring is not good for your health. you might be thinking then do I mean Egg Drop soup is bad for you?
NO because we don't use alot of yellow coloring for our soup just a few drops.. hope I have answer your questions Barbara
you have a good weekend ahead!!!!

Chef Wu

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