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Is this a good restaurant recipe for orange chicken? I am looking to make a good sauce that is good for both chicken and cooked vegetables. Is sherry an appropriate alternative to the chinese rice wine which I assume is less easy to find. I'd prefer non-alcoholic ingredients. Also I hope to reduce the sugar and starch after I master the recipe as is.

Mr James! Happy Holiday, this is chef Louis I apoligize that I didnt get your message that you send the first time that's why you didnt get a respond. I normally answer the same day.
your recipe is good for Orange chicken and Yes, you can use Sherry instead of rice wine since you do not want to use Alcohol in your cooking, as far as use it on your Veggie dish. just dont put Sugar in the orange sauce that you were going to use for your Orange chicken, because I dont like Sugary Veggie dish. just use Sugar and starch to your liken that should be fine. hope this help Sir
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your famly..

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my greatest accomplishments was I finally learn how to cook this dish call Shrimp with lobster sauce it took me about year to get to where I'am at today!!!!

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