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Chinese Cuisine/Marinated Broccoli ?


I once ate at a Chinese restraunt that had a marinated broccoli stems. I am not sure if it was
Authentically Chinese, but I have not been able to find the recipe since. Have you heard of this ? Thanks

Hello Eddie! how are you? so sorry didnt get your question the first time
Yes, Marinated Broccoli is Authentic chinese food I eat that all the time
during breakfast time. they can use either chinese Broccoli Steam the skinny kind
or I have use American Broccoli stem as well, hope this help with your question
once again I apoligize for not getting back to you sooner you have a safe 4th of July
Weekend Eddie thank you for using

Chef Louis

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my greatest accomplishments was I finally learn how to cook this dish call Shrimp with lobster sauce it took me about year to get to where I'am at today!!!!

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