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Hello Mr. Wu,

How are you?

I understand pineapple cakes are given at Taiwanese weddings.  It is one of 6 flavors.  Do you know what the other 5 flavors are?

Thank you

Mr Sunny This is Chef Wu How are you?
Iam very sorry I didnt get your Original question untill couple days ago
that remind me.
to answer your question the other 5 flavor on Pinapple cakes are Strawberry
Cantalop,Leeches,Greentea and Peaches
hope this helps I remember you have ask me diffrent question last year thank you for your question again have a great week!!   
Chef Wu

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my greatest accomplishments was I finally learn how to cook this dish call Shrimp with lobster sauce it took me about year to get to where I'am at today!!!!

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