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Dr. Madeline, D.C wrote at 2008-10-17 20:30:02
The answer this so called Chiropractor gave is wrong. Chiropractors do correct reversals of cervical curvatures with adjustments by realigning the subluxated or misaligned joints of the cervical vertebrae. The symptoms you are relating respond wonderfully to Chiropractic care, with a good Chiropractor who can correct reversed curves. This does lead to ill health down the road: pinched nerves, muscular compensation, spur formations on the vertebrae, osteoarthritis, and neural problems. The medical field and physical therapy cannot treat this problem, Chiropractic can!! Seek Chiropractic care immediately! You will be so happy that you did, and choose a Chiropractor that graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Kenzie wrote at 2010-07-28 19:53:34
This person is incorrect.

Reverse curves causes pinched nerves which will lead to bigger problems.

I also suffer from a reverse curve, which is leading to shoulder problems and constant headaches.

I believe it is definitely necessary to follow up with chiropractic care.  

treeorange wrote at 2010-09-03 10:42:55
Actually that's not true.  There is a lot of evidence and case studies that show the benefit of having chiropractic treatment and keeping the curvature in the neck concave.  For one, the nerves that exit the intervertebral foramen (the spaces between the vertebra foramen side view) they all  go to specific muscles and vessels, having a reverse curve "kinks" all those nerves and some blood vessels that come out from those spaces.  Symptoms are the last thing to show up in disease and if you want to chase symptoms then you can definitely wait until you start to feel pain, or tingling and then go see a chiropractor, but if you want to prevent a degenerative condition from forming (like disc thinning, osteophytes in the neck...etc) the you should start getting treated now.  Many people wouldn't think to go to a chiropractor for anything besides back pain,  but research has shown that chiropractic adjustments have helped lower patient's blood pressure (if the patient has high blood pressure) improved asthma, controlled arrhythmia's, and patients with dysmenaria, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, and a host of other conditions have all seen success with chiropractic- and these are cases with people who have tried cocktails of medications, surgeries, and other medications.  It's nothing more than allowing the body to do what it should.  when you get a cut you don't have to think about scabbing, and disinfecting from the inside and forming new skin, you body does it on its own- we are designed to heal ourselves (to a degree) if the brain can't get the proper message to a certain part of the body because the communications pathway (nerves) are out of synch (either stretched, compressed or irritated in some way) then you see problems and eventually when the body cannot adapt anymore, symptoms.  The nerves are irritated by either bones that are out of position in the spine or muscles attached to them that are stuff (hypertonic) or overly stretched.  If you want the actual research I'd be happy to provide it.  Also recent studies have shown that xrays are not the damaging thing people once thought they were.  24 hours on a cordless phone does the damage of 1200 chest xrays (which is the xray that uses the longest amount of radiation) your cervical spine xray did not unnecessarily expose you to anything that you wouldn't have gotten by walking past a working microwave

QueenP wrote at 2010-10-29 23:04:20
I have the same diagnosis, and I URGE you to act now. Money is not setback to a condition you may have for a LIFETIME.. and the cost of treatment and prevention of further progression NOW is going to save you hundreds and thousands later..

This is not something that goes away, it's taken years to develop, and regardless of how severe you believe it is, with every action, you are further weakening and worsening your condition. If your neck region is not aligned properly, it cannot absorb shock properly, resulting in unnecessary strain on the joints that are already irritated and inflammed. And, treatment now will prevent arthritis in the future!!

My advice is to begin treatment NOW!! Hope this helps!!

Sbeth wrote at 2011-04-05 03:48:36
I know exactly what you are going through. I'm only 18 years old and have major headaches and muscle tension since seventh grade. I just recently started doing treatments with my chiropractor and I honestly do feel a bit better after two months. Fortunately my chiropractor gave me a great deal on the price. Maybe I am just aware of fixing my posture and sleeping and sitting right but I know it's helping slowly.

me wrote at 2012-03-01 07:26:04
I will tell you guys who may stuble upon this like i just have i have a curve in my neck I dont care what the lady says i have a pump at home and i can not ever get it to work right i barely have enough space bc the curve is bad i look like i have no neck from the back. THE MUSCLE tension is from the curve i go to a spinal clinic. they flast out told me i will constantly and always have tension in my shoulders and neck bc my muscles are working harder to basically hold anyone who has this problem head up bc the spine is not the right position. your muscles are working ten times harder. You will not feel better unless youget some kind of treatment. the pump only works for me as it sets on the bottom of my skull underneath when i have major headaches. it eases them. headaches everyday are most likely form this curve. Thats what mine are from. If a DR will help you no matter yr or money it is worth it bc IT DOES MAKE THINGS WORSE  

Molly wrote at 2012-07-21 20:19:00
Several years ago a chiropractor said that i have a reverse curve in my neck, and that i would have many problems. Well now i am 53 yrs. old and have degenerative bone disease.  My neck constantly burns and aches.  The Nuro-surgean said he can operate but so many problems if he fixes one of them i would still have other problems.  I would do all i could to hydrate and take care of your neck, before degenerative bone disease starts. My muscles ache all the time.  Just take extra care of yourself.

cheshire wrote at 2012-12-24 16:32:38
I actually have a reverse curve spine of the neck. Im only 16 and it has gotten so bad that my doctors are trying everything to fix it. A common reason for this condition iss loose ligaments. The loose ligaments is what causes the arthritis. Which i have started feeling effects of. This condition CAN be serious. Dont fluff it off. Check with a regular doctor and only start to worry if it starts inhibiting your daily life like mine has. Good luck

Getneckrelief wrote at 2013-04-15 01:08:25
First, C-spine reversal is quite painful, at least it has been for me. It seems like it doesn't metter if I have to wait for 35 days to see an osteo doctor.

Second, an agressive treatment seems like a beter way to treat people then a slow drawn out method. By aggressive I mean, anti-inflammatories today, soak in hot tub tomorrow morning, massage therapy tomorrow afternoon, spine manipulation the next day.

If a lot of doctors had this happen to them, a much more agressive approach would become standard.


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