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Dr.David wrote at 2013-03-31 02:47:02

CBP is a peer reviewed research based Chiropractic technique. CBP is based upon the premise that in order to correct the spine, a mathematical definition of normal must first be established, and then the treatments aim to return the deviated (subluxated) spine to that scientifically supported normal. CBP is the most peer reviewed published Chiropractic technique in the world. Contributing authors to CBP research include mathematicians, engineers, MDs and other advance educational specialties besides Chiropractic.

Anyone who subjectively states that it is not possible to restore cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine curves to normal is simply uninformed at best.

It is a proven fact that appropriate mirror image exercises, spinal adjustments, and curve restoration traction will result in the spine remodeling towards normal.

In fact, it is inappropriate traction employed during the activities of daily living (poor sleeping postures, poor seated postures, poor ergonomics, etc.) that causes the deviation from normal. Additionally, inappropriately treated traumas can also result in abnormal spinal mechanics. It may be interesting to note that often the very first trauma experienced by an individual is the birth trauma, where the doctor is often pulling and twisting with extreme forces to deliver the baby.

With that said, Chiropractic does NOT treat ANY diseases or symptoms specifically. The way Chiropractic works is by addressing the spine and its mechanical effects on the nervous system. A deviated (subluxated) spine causes interference with the nervous system, and consequentially that interference will adversely impact the tissues innervated by that/those deviated spinal segment(s).

If symptoms/disease (such as headache, pain, or dizziness) is being caused by the subluxated spine, and the spine is corrected, the interference will be removed and the body will heal itself as it is designed to do by the innate healing power already within the body. Equilibrium/homeostasis will be restored.

If symptoms/disease is actually being caused by some other anatomical or physiological defect, then correction of the spine to normal mechanics will NOT necessarily result in ANY abatement of the symptoms/disease. However, restoration of ideal spinal mechanics STILL gives the body a better chance because the nervous system controls EVERY function of the body, including the immune system. Therefore, ideal spinal mechanics is STILL proper treatment (along with the pursuit of additional treatment for unrelated symptoms/disease), as a deviated spine is NOT normal and would be a separate health issue aside from the symptoms/disease of another disorder.

When symptoms come suddenly, versus gradually, when there is no trauma, it is usually not directly related to a loss of spinal curves. What you describe sounds more like a brain or brain stem event, such as a stroke or VBI (Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency).  


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