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Hi! We took our 4yr old daughter to a chiropractor to see if he can help with her horrible asthma. After xrays he said that her C1, C2, C5 vertebrae were out of place-shifted to the left. He also did a thermal scan which confirmed that the C1 was in “extreme” misalignment.  His recommendations were to have adjustments 3xweek for 4wks, 2x for 8wks, and then 1x for 12 weeks.  This seems extremely excessive to us…and he is very persistent that we set up a payment plan for the entire treatment series and not pay as we go. Each adjustment would be considered a “wellness” visit and not billed to insurance so each would cost us $35.  To give us some comparison, my husband was evaluated. He had a “tender to the touch” area between his shoulder blades, otherwise no pain or problems. His xrays revealed that the curve of his spine was off 20degrees in one area and that 2 of his vertebra were out of alignment. The Drs plan for him was alignments 3x a week for 8wks, 2x a week for 8 wks, then 1x a week for 8 weeks. We want to provide the best possible health for our bodies and try to help our daughter’s asthma, but these plans seem like A LOT…both in time, money, and commitment. Your thoughts about the validity of the suggested plans would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hi Das!
Let me see if I can help a little.  To shed light, as a physician, I have a problem with payment plans, and pay up front for everything ... (unless you don't want to use your insurance or have the coverage and it is for unlimited treatment for a year at your desired frequency#..  How does he know that in 24 weeks #6 months) she will be done?

I do however, agree with the doctor to start at 3x's per week for 4 weeks.  At that point you will have a very good idea whether or not what he is doing is helping her condition.  If it were me and knowing how chiropractic works, I would say, "I am willing to try for a month, I will be here at every visit and we will give it a good old college try"  but that's it until you see how she is doing and where she is at.

I vehemently disagree with the "wellness" visit stance.  If she has issues in her spine that require adjustments, then it is reasonable to bill the insurance. If he is a provider, he HAS to bill the insurance. Sounds like the insurance plan you have may not have reasonable reimbursement or visit allotment, or he does not know how to code correctly and write the appropriate note for authorization.

Everything you have sent me screams scam.  I'm sorry.  Find another chiropractor and get a second opinion.  It's not worth arguing with the doctor about what he wants to do, get another opinion.

Professionally, if both your husband and daughter have problems, asthma and vertebral alignment issues, than it is reasonable to bill the insurance per visit.  It is also reasonable to expect a month long 2-3x's per week visit schedule to see results.  Now, if results start happening sooner than anticipated, it is further reasonable to reduce treatment frequency and instruct on home stabilization exercises etc.  

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