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Hi Ive had menieres for 16yrs had 2 bad falls last year,onto back of skull then into jaw/cheekbone since then have been having sudden severe vertigo when turning head to the right & lot of head and neck pain especially at base of skull. A recent neck xray shows Ive less curve in my neck also noticed one shoulder dropped and leg shorter would like to know if you think I need atlas adjustment. I tried a neck support whilst having vertigo attack this seemed to stop the attack a lot sooner than anything also noticed balance improvement also circulation and swelling and nerves in arms seemed better. Also when I dont wear a light support I either have the head & neck pain/vertigo. Ive been referred for physio but would like advice regarding is it necessary to have realignment or will physio be adequate to restore better posture etc?

Hi Kerry,

You ask a good question.  As an upper cervical doctor that specializes in the Atlas/Axis (C1-C2) junction, your symptoms sound familiar.  Also, the fact that you had a fall where you struck the back of your head is also a tell-tale sign.  It sounds like you have a pinched nerve and possibly even pressure on your brain stem.  

The atlas, shaped roughly like a doughnut, surrounds the brain stem.  If the atlas is rotated or knocked out of its proper alignment, it can definitely put pressure on the brain stem, causing headaches, vertigo, blurry vision, hearing problems, improper body mechanics including low shoulders or short legs (not to mention a host of other problems too long to post here).  If I were in your shoes, I would see an upper cervical specialist, someone who specializes in Atlas work to determine whether or not you need your atlas realigned.  With what you wrote, I have a suspicion that is probably your main problem.

As for physiotherapy, I believe that can be helpful, however, remember that physiotherapy works with the functioning of your muscles.  I do not believe you have a muscle problem, but rather a nerve problem.  Chiropractors specialize in the treatment of pinched nerves.


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