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I'm writing this and seeking information because I've ran out of options anymore to get heal myself. Im 21 years old and For the past 14 months or so I've had this chronic inflammation condition on the base of my sternum, right where the xiphoid and the rib cage meets. It's a large swelling of connective tissue I believe that has been haunting me for over a year now. Pain would hit and have random attacks of the area and pain would radiate up aorund my chest and around the right side of my ribs. Theres a constant snapping/cracking sound in my right side of the xiphoid if I breathe too deep or bend/twist it. The pain and condition has plagued me for a long time no and docters never seemed to get to the bottom of it. I've been to the ER, docters, care centers, specalists, an orthapedic, chiropractor, rheumid specalist, etc. Ive had blood tests, x rays, MRI taken, an endoscopy, AND an ultra sound ALL came up clear. It is frightening to me that every test comes up clean yet I know I'm not right, with obvious swelling and redness area an area that constately reminds me up it during every inhale/through my everyday life. I've changed my diet to gluten free and all vitamin/nutrient foods to see if that would help my situation. but yet I still have this syndrome and it still stays with me for long now. my goal is to overcome this and get healthy and normal back like old times without this thing weighing me down all the time. I've seeked treatments and studying ayerveda trying to figure out something that will help me heal and give me relief. I've always been active and healthy so this is shocked to me and has really humbled me over the past year or so. I'm one who loves life so much I'd do anything at this point just to live pain free and recieve that happiness. Are there any treatments/ techniques you would be able to recommend me and any idea what is going on with me and how I can achieve optimum health. I'd love to just get back where I once was and love life again.

Thank you for your time and God Bless,

hi, yes your symptoms are very familiar. If you have pain during inhalation then it is a clearly a rib out of place. your ribs attach to your sternum and no test will show up positive for you. It sounds like now you have costochondritis associated with rib out of place. Chiropractic will help with the rib displacement (you should be x ray for scoliosis) this can also contributwe to the problem and could be the underlying issue.
I am not sure how long and how frequent you visited your chiropractor but it would take 3 visits a week and then 2x a week for at least 4-6 weeks. that still may not clear up the sternum pain. I highly recommend doing a round of cold laser treatments daily for 2 weeks , this will surely alleviate your pain.
many chiropractoras and Physical therapists carry this machine. make some calls and ask around.
I am almost 100% certain this is your problem. good luck!


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