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Hi Timothy
Two questions I hope you can answer.

1)Two years ago I sprained my right knee running. It took almost two years to heal. My doctor said there was no damage, just a slight meniscus tear. I am sure my age, 55, and excess weight were also mitigating factors.
Since then I have lost a bit of weight, but still dont feel confident enough to run outside or even on a treadmill. Every so often this knee gives out momentarily. I can rover, but it has been scary the couple times I have been going downstairs with a load of laundry.
Am I stuck with this forever, considering my age? I do squats and leg curls to strengthen it-they havent helped a bit. Neither has calcium or glucosamine.
I just bought an elliptical which gives me a good workout with no issues. I can live with having to use that, but I miss running-even on the treadmill.

2) I have been doing a lot of stretching, working on strengthening my core and keeping my back supple. As a bus driver, back injuries are common and most of my co-workers do nothing-in fact they seem to be getting fatter and shrinking!
Yesterday I noticed I was almost the same height as a co worker that started when I did, and ten years ago he seemed to be taller. He even noticed it. Is it possible I am getting taller-or at least not shrinking as fast as he is? We wear the same shoes BTW.

The knee needs an updated MRI if you have not had one within the last year. The meniscus tear can be aggravated, avoid doing "squats" unless they are done with your spine flat against a wall, to limit flexion stressors on the knee. Also, consider custom molded orthotics for you shoes; arch support reduces the stress on the knee.

With regard to your spine and height, the discs shrink as we age so our height reduces, some folks faster than others. Keeping stretched and active helps as well as glucosamine/chondroitan supplements for the health of the spine and joints. Also, periodic chiropractic visits!


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