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Elbow Pain  
Hello, I want to thank you for allowing people like myself to ask you questions relating to your expertise.

I started going to the gym and I noticed a clicking sound in my left elbow. Here is a link to a video on youtube of what it sounds and looks like exactly.

I ignored it initially but I kept doing my exercises. After a few workouts I finally started to feel some pain in my forearm. If I was standing with my arms to my side the pain would be on my left forearm, on the farther part of my body, between the ulna and the radius. About an inch down from my elbow joint.

When I'm in the gym I can't do more than 75 lbs on the bench press because the clicking in the elbow is bothering me too much. I know I have the potential to do much more but I wont be able to progress on the chest press with this problem.

This has been bothering me for a while. I went to the doctor but he said I didn't have anything. If you know what it is off the top of your head could you tell me what this could be? Or what kind of doctor should I go to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Good morning Gerardo,

This sounds like a relatively simple problem that a chiropractor deals with daily.  If your primary doctor said there was "nothing ", then go to a chiropractor.  You may have sprained one of the ligaments that support the radial-ulnar joint, slightly displaced one of the "elbow" joints, or you may have some pressure being placed on the brachial plexus in the shoulder assuming this happened during a gym workout doing some form of shoulder or bench press.  Think of how a sprained ankle feels, any joint supported by ligaments will act very similar.  You will have decreased strength and decrease ability of use.  So, get it adjusted and start the rehab to strengthen the joint.   You should notice significant improvement within a day or two if there is nothing else underlying.  Best wishes.  I hope this helps.

-Dr. Kaldy

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