Dear Sir
I live in the US but a relative of mine lives in Egypt. She came down with strange symptoms and no one there has any idea what is wrong with her or how to treat. She has sent me some of her medical reports to show it to someone but I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of doctor I need to talk to. I wonder if you could advise me what kind of practitioner I need based on her symptoms below. I will make an appointment and of course pay out of pocket just to get them to see her medical reports and tell me if they can figure out what it is, and then we can take it from there.
She is 20 years old, no history of trauma or surgery whatsoever. No heart conditions or diabetes. No sudden changes in weight. She has been otherwise healthy until struck with the following:

Continuous bad headache - day and night. Sleeps very little because of it. Sometimes closes eyes and has hard time opening them because of the headaches.
Bad pains generally in the right side of her body which she describes as follows:
Right ear ache - feels like something inserted and removed continually.
Right jaw ache - all right jaw and teeth ache. Dentist found nothing wrong.
Neck pain - cannot move it in any direction.
Pain in both shoulders and all back.
Right arm loss of control.
Pain extends like electricity or fire all the way down to right feet - has hard time walking on it.
Very difficult to sit, has to lie down.

She has seen: neurologists and back and bone specialists. No one knows what's going on.
Done: 12 sessions of chiropractic and natural therapy. No results.

Thank you.

Hello Moataz,

I am sorry to hear about your relative.  This doesn't sound so good.  I am concerned due to the the one sided ness and involves the entire length of the body and jaw with headaches.

Has she been to the ER lately?  Has anyone done any "spinal fluid" type tests?

Have her perform a very simple test while lying on her back bend your neck forward so that the chin touches the chest. If she bends her knees without intending to do so or there is sharp pain she needs to go to the nearest ER.

One other thing:  is she running a fever?  Has she been cut or poked by anything in the recent past?

Please let me know ASAP.

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