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Hello,today I all of a sudden had this horrible back upper back pain. I have had this before, I went to the chiropractor. She fixed it, but it came back. It hurts really bad to breath. She said last time it was my t6 that was out,and it was pressing againt my lungs.(It's in the same spot as last time) Anyways it happened at night last time, and now a day where I couldn't get into the chiropractor. What are some things to do to help with the pain? What are some exercises that may help to relieve the pain? I am a in my teenager years, and i am currently playing basketball. So I'm not sure if that did it. Thanks so much!

Sounds like a rib is out, probably affecting your T6.  Put ice on the area, have your mom or dad rub the muscles around it and get in to see the chiropractor ASAP.  Ribs are notorious for causing the type of pain that you are experiencing, so the sooner you can get it back in, the better you will feel.  The longer you wait, the more you will probably hurt and the longer it will take to overcome the issue.


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