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I have suffered with neck pain leading to headaches in the back of the head and forehead areas, imbalance feelings and sensitive scalp for over 3 years now.My Neurologist diagnosed my forehead pain as tension headaches, can neck straightening be a cause of this? also why the occasional imbalance feelings? I have never being involved in any accidents but have always had bad posture. I had MRIs done of the neck and cervical spine which came back clear but diagnosed cervical sponloysis.Had physio and chiropractic care but no benefits. Just recently returned to a different chiropractor where he took x-rays and showed me how straight the neck had got. He recommended ultrasound,TENS treatment, manual adjustments and gave me muscle relaxants to take. 2 weeks in now but no real improvement. On a visit to the Chrio yesterday he maintains the muscles are still not getting as loose as he would like. I will keep trying and any advance would be great.

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Hello Mark,

I am very sorry, but I am unable to answer your question at this time.

I lost my home, and my office is damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

I lived in Midland Beach, Staten Island, My family and I are now safe,
but I am busy trying to rebuild at this time.  I am physically, mentally and
emotionally exhausted dealing with the loss.

Sandy devastated myself and my neighbors in Midland Beach, Staten Island.

I am very sorry, but please utilize another Doctor
who can review your question and give it a thoughtful, complete

Thanks and good Luck!

Dr. Vic Dolan, DC


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