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I sit at a computer a lot, And recently found that I had a disc that seemed to have moved to the left in my upper spine (Possibly C7, or TH1. It's right below the bone that pops out the most in our neck).

At first  I wasn't having symptoms. Then I started to have pain in my left temple along with my temporal artery protruding. Took antibiotics due to a fear for sinus infection. Sinus infection seems to be ruled out. Had inflammation checked with blood work and many other things expect MRI, Ct scan etc.

My question is, Could a slip at C7 or TH1 cause me to feel the nerves in my brain. It's not really a pain it's more of the nerves feeling really excited and uncomfortable.

Last night I had a really bad pinch in my back along with some back discomfort and it seemed to really bother my nerves in my brain. But I can't see to find the information about that online. It seems people have more motor skills issue with herniated disc.

The feeling is just weird and I feel it mostly on the left side of my head, Inside my ear, and on the temple/area close to my ear.

The nerves tend to "Light up" but only on the left side.

No vision or hearing loss. I was getting a click in my ear when I opened my mouth though.

Thank you!

Hi Junior,

After looking at your description, I think you are dealing with a disc injury and the associated musculoskeletal compensations that go along with this type of problem. I definitely think that an MRI is warranted to confirm the disc problem and to see where the compression is. If the compression is on or near the spinal cord, then symptoms can go up to the head also. The left sided nerve pain you are talking about seems to match the disc problem to the left you were told about already. Herniated discs don't necessarily just cause motor skill issues. They primarily cause sensory issues (tingling, numbness, throbbing, headaches) and if the herniation is big enough to compress the nerve greater, then motor issues occur. Having said that, you have to confirm that it is the C7/T1 disc and not one above it through MRI. Once diagnosed, you should proceed to find treatment that will address the disc first and then deal with the muscles involved that are causing symptoms into your head. The term for this is cervicogenic meaning originating from the cervical region.


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