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Hi my name is Montricia. I have had this numbing stabbing leg pain Since I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my son back in 2003. It did not go away after he was born. For the last 9 years I have been able to cope with it and take daily adjustments to alleviate the pain. (Hot baths, Tylenol, massage, squatting, and bed rest) It is now 9 years later and my husband and I are expecting again. I am 30 weeks pregnant and have been at unbearable pain since 18 weeks. I have gone to Physical Therapy, Deep tissue Massage, Yoga ball exercises, Hydrocodone (@ 3 a day 5/325) and just recently cortisone shots in my upper thigh and tail bone. Our baby is large for her date, but I have only gained 5 lbs to date. Nothing at this point aleaviates the excruciating pain. Is there anything I can do, I still have 2 mths to go. Sincerly Mrs, Hubbard

Mrs. Hubbard,

Pregnancy causes tremendous changes to happen to a woman's body (as you know).  One of the biggest changes that occurs daily is your ever changing center of gravity.  While your center of gravity changes your pelvic girdle, in particular your sacrum, must continually adjust and move in order to accommodate these changes.  However, if the pelvic girdle is unable to move properly (due to trauma, poor posture, genetic variants, etc.) the results are usually quite painful.  It sounds as though you have nerve pressure due to your pelvic girdle being unable to accommodate your constantly changing center of gravity.  

If I were in your shoes, I would set up an appointment with a chiropractor, especially one who is experienced and comfortable working with pregnant women.  If, after an evaluation, you have this nerve pressure and the chiropractor thinks that it can be corrected, get the treatments.  I have personally seen several pregnant women in excruciating pain find significant relief throughout their entire pregnancy when their pelvic girdle is able to move and shift properly.  Chiropractic can usually help with this.  You are on the right track.  

BTW, you should probably stay away from hot baths.  The reason being that Meralgia Paresthetica is aggravated by swelling (hot baths increase circulation and swelling) of the tissue, thus putting additional pressure on the nerve.  In lieu of hot baths, use an ice pack.  Or, if you must have your hot baths, be sure to ice your back and pelvic area directly after.  This will lessen the swelling.  (Ice should be used for 15-20 min, no longer, as that can cause more swelling.  Make sure there is something between the skin and ice so as not to burn your skin.  Wait at least 2 hours between applications.)

I hope this helps and that you find relief quickly.

Dr. Matt Huseboe


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