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My question is...  When will doctors realize that scoliosis is the bodyís way of compensating for traumatic ligament damage in the hip? Itís so obvious itís very sick. All people with scoliosis have uneven hips and no one asks why. I injured my illolumbar and sacroiliac ligaments (from the back) playing football with older kids at age 10. I was never diagnosed but I smelled canned tuna during the injury and this tells me that my spinal cord was touched to create the false smell.  This is the damage to the illiolumbar ligament. The non damage side ligaments pulled my spine crooked and my spine grew in the opposite direction to centre my gravity. Also because this ligament damage was from behind my hamstrings tightened and my gluts were used as a sling to hold my hip up. Then my illiocoastal lumbaric and illoicoastal thoratic muscles on the opposite side of the injury tightened up like suspenders to hold this sling up. All my intercostals and ribs on that side had to change and become tight. Because of this I had to hold my body up, hold my hip in place and give my leg power with my traps, causing a low shoulder. If this never happened my leg would keep dislocating because of the loose iliac and sacrum. People think scoliosis and kyphosis is a deformity but it is actually constructive and will happen 100 percent of the time if exact trauma is repeated. This happened 20 years ago and I am now 32 and have just now been able to tilt my hips. This is due to my ligaments maturing at age 30. I have loosened my muscles over the last 3 months. I now have no lumbaric lordosis and my hyperkyphosis is changing slightly, 10 degrees over 3 months. My thoratic spine cracks all the time and I can use my spinal thoratic muscles. I feel I got rid of the scoliosis and have almost eliminated my rib hump caused by the rotation. I still have a large hyperkyphosis hump but itís symmetrical. I feel with effort and a few years I can eliminate the kyphosis but this will take time. I feel I have gotten extreme result considering my age and the extent of my scoliosis. I will prove this theory and within a few decades this will be common knowledge like the knee. There is thousands of knee ligament injures and reconstructive surgeries every year and yet no reconstructed hip ligaments. Weird that itís ok that the hip is uneven and no one asked why. Itís obvious why scoliosis happens more in girls. The hip is different. Menís hips are smaller.  Just like using a crane sling. The more the angle the less u can lift. It takes less force to damage the woman hip.

Thanks it feels good to talk


Mr Patrick,
This does not seem like a question at all, but rather your self treatment and results. That's wonderful if you are able to make improvements on your own.
As a Head-Neck Injury Specialist focusing on The Upper Cervical Spine, I see many varying cases of Abnormal Curvature as a result of mis-aligned vertebrae higher up in the spine. Kyphosis, Lordosis, and Scoliosis are indeed spinal compensations from Subluxation elsewhere in the spine.
What I know to be true, from my experience with many patients over the years, is that the head and neck become mis-aligned from a fall, sports injury, car accident, etc. And then the lower spine compensates to keep the head level and centered as best it can.
This comes at the expense of lower spinal abnormal curvature and further mis-alignment.
When we analyze the Upper Cervical Spine and find Subluxation there that we are able to correct, we always see some degree of improvement and in some cases completely if the patient is young enough (before the growth plates close).
I think that it is great if you can do some things to help yourself but I also feel that you could do even more if you had your head and neck in proper alignment to give your lower spine the best chance for symmetry and realignment.
That is, if you do have a head-neck misalignment which would need to be examined and proven first of course.

PS We will recommend certain postures to use and others to avoid according to spinal misalignment and also some stretching and exercises in certain cases. By far it is the realignment that we have seen which makes the biggest changes.   
I would be interested to learn more about what you are doing to help yourself and your results especially if it may be something different than we are already doing to help us to better help our patients. I am always looking to learn and teach others to make our best even better. Have a good day...

All the best,

Dr Arnone
St Louis, Missouri


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