Dear Dr Robert

What are the Treatments available for Amnesia ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Mr Prashant,
Amnesia is a very complex disorder because it involves the brain.
Medically, they will try different medications in attempt to stimulate or inhibit certain functions.
Rest is considered as well as doing certain brain-exercises to try and regain recollection.

However, as a Brainstem Specialist, I have studied and witnessed in numerous cases of varying nature that an injury at the Head-Neck Junction causes pressure upon Brainstem. Since The Brainstem supplies the higher brain with continuous mental impulse, an alteration at Brainstem will always affect Brain function.

Therefore, The single greatest thing that can be done for an Amnesia patient is to examine and measure precisely the mis-alignment and pressure and then establish re-alignment which will remove brainstem pressure.

Once Brainstem pressure is released, patient has The best opportunity for proper mental impulse to brain restoring brain chemistry.
This in turn has the ability to improve or reverse the Amnesia process.

Furthermore, this does not require any drugs or surgery of any kind. It is a specific and precise correction that we do by hand according to our analysis and findings.

Thank you for your question,
Please let me know of you have any further questions,
All The Best,

Robert Arnone, DC
St Louis, Missouri, USA  


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