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hello i'm 30 yrs.old.i have been having this numbness/tingling feeling every day in my arm to my hand.I know it's not a stroke or heart attack or anything to do with my heart,but can't figure out what it's only in my left arm,then my hand gets cold.the hospital told me it's not my heart,but they don't know what could be causing PE says it's in my head,but really it's not,it's really bother doesn't matter what I do it just bothers.I really would like some help in what should I do?

Hi Mylee,
The importance of a diagnosis cannot be overstated.  There are vascular causes for your arm to be numb and cold. There are neurological reasons for your hand to be numb.  I have many questions.  Do you wake up at night with numbness?  Does it get worse with activity?  Does it get worse with overhead activities?  Does your neck hurt?  Is there any shooting electric sensation?  Does your hand feel swollen and stiff?  Have you had an MRI?

I will need more information.

Finding a chiropractic physician to examine you is a good idea.

All the best,


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