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As per my MRI the findings are,
There is a disc bulge at L3-4 causing nerve root compression.Bulges are also seen at L4-5 and L5-S1 but no nerve root compression.

Posterior annular tear seen at L5-S1. Lordosis is maintained. The vertebral bodies and discs reveal normal signals and heights.

The posterior elements are also normal. No disc bulge or herniation at all the levels. No paravertebral mass or collection.

Pls can you advise the treatments. Due to the above i get numbness in the left leg after prolonged sitting and pain on the sides of the knee due to prolonged walking. Pain on the left side of the pelvic area only when pressed.


Hi Saurabh,
I apologize for the delay in answering.
Bulging discs are a frequent source of low back pain. The annular tear described is usually associated with a trauma or injury. The question on a diagnostic level is whether your pain is inflammatory or structural. Inflammatory pain responds to therapies like class 4 laser, spinal manipulation, gentle stretching and massage. Pain will improve in no more than 4-6 weeks.  A structural problem where definitive nerve root compression is present may be a lot slower to respond.  Find a practitioner with a high quality therapy laser, it does wonders for the pain.  Traction can be very helpful to mechanically decompress the spine. Use caution not to be too aggressive with traction, its better to go slow at first.  Spinal manipulation is often effective for disc bulge pain, however there are different techniques and some work better than others.  If leg weakness appears the condition may progress to be surgical.  


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