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I had a Lt total knee replacement 10/20/11.  I experienced burning and tingling from my thigh to my ankle after.  It gradually improved over 3 months and I am left with burning and tingling in my Lt. calf.  I had my Rt. knee replacement 10/25/12.  I again have burning and tingling from my inner thigh to my inner calf with no improvement after 12 weeks.  I am on 800mg of Neurontin three times a day and still have these symptoms.  Worse at night and with walking.  I saw a chiropractor last year without any improvement.   My orthopedic surgeon is suggesting a nerve block, which I am afraid to try.  I was tolerable when it was just my Lt. calf, but now both legs are affected.  Are there chiropractors in the Cleveland area that specialize in this type of post-op pain?

Miss Marion,
This is tough to answer without examination.  The trouble that you are having may be a result from your surgeries?
I would likely recommend a specialist that is similar to myself to see if proper nerve flow can be restored.
If that can not give you the relief that you are looking for then you might be a surgical candidate.
Would you like me to find you a specialist in Cleveland, or are the outskirts ok?
There may be some irreversible damage from the surgery or you may be able to improve, this would let you know.
All the Best,

Robert Arnone, DC
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