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Hello! I am a 13 year old female athlete. I currently play basketball and fastpitch softball. I have always had pain in my left shoulder from batting and throwing on a regular basis. I have recently started light weight training and have had no problems. However, since basketball has started I have developed a mild/moderate pain in my mid and lower back. The pain is targeted in a few spots near the lower portion of my spine. Also I have pain in my upper back/ lower shoulder. The pain is somewhat concentrated and Is usually constant. I have recently developed a bad pain right in between the bottom of my shoulder blade and my spine.

My question is what I should be doing about these different pains and if I should see a specialist about them I am hesitant to " rub them out " because I have tried that before and it just caused more pain.

Hi Hanna.   First, I am assuming you have discussed this with your parents, and that they are sharing this AllExperts email exchange.    Understand that at age 13, your bones and joints are not fully developed, and there are soft, vulnerable spots along your bones that can take a lot of stress from the jolts of throwing and other sports sudden exertions.    At best, you are repetitively straining some of your joints and are sore in various places as a result.   Irritated joints in your lower neck will refer to the upper back, along the inside border of your shoulder blade;    It is also easy to get stress fractures along the bones and "growth plate" areas.    This needs to get checked out.  These types of conditions cannot simply be rubbed out.    If you have a stress fracture, then you need a special test to identify it (SPECT scan or MRI).   You would be well served to see a sports chiropractor or an orthopedic physician.   If you can find a DACBSP (go to, that would be great.     If anyone wants to x-ray your spine, just say NO.    The only reason to x-ray your spine is is you have a significant amount of scoliosis, and likely you don't or else you would have mentioned it to me.    Lastly, depending on your general health, your family history, and other signs/symptoms you might have, a doctor might order a blood test to make sure you don't have any other illnesses that could cause pain in your joints.    I hope this was helpful.   Please make sure you show this to your parents.

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