I have scoliosis and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia(several years ago, not sure that I can grasp that diagnosis.)
Off and on I have had problems with my left shoulder/neck area.  My left shoulder is my "high" shoulder.
Last year I had an x-ray done, it came back negative.  I have also had several mammograms done on that breast as they thought they saw some thicker areas, they determined it "normal" for me.
The pain seems to be much worse in the cold winter months.  This year it started up again but is worse, I am having numbness or a tingling odd sensation to touch under my arm and over my chest area as well.
I am currently seeing a chiropractor who also does massage that focuses on the sore spots. (and there are MANY) I can't remember if she called it anything but she feels she will be able to help me.
I have some improvement but even with 800 mg of ibuprofen I am still having pain.
My insurance won't pay for an MRI until I meet my deductible and I am afraid if I go to a different type of Dr. they are going to insist on and MRI and that is something I just can't afford.
I have been to the chiropractor three times and am scheduled to go back Monday.  Do you think I should keep going?  How long does it usually take to totally resolve?  Is there something else I should be doing?  What is the chance there is something serious going on here?

P.S. I did fall in November on that side on my elbow.

I am 34/F.

Hi Mara,

It sounds like you are doing the right thing right now by going to the chiropractor to get soft tissue work done. From your explanation, diagnostic tests, and fall on elbow, you sound like you are dealing with a pectoralis minor entrapment syndrome. This is when the smaller chest muscle under your arm becomes overly tight and possibly even inflamed leading to irritation of the nerves underneath it. These nerves make up a branch called the brachial plexus which then branch into nerves that go into your arm, hands, and fingers. This would explain the tingling odd sensation under the arm and over your chest. The chiropractor should do muscle therapy over the pec minor area and I would recommend myofascial release or active release of the muscle. The Fibromyalgia diagnosis could be stemming from nerve branch irritation leading to multiple "sore spots" throughout the body. Most cases of fibromyalgia that I have seen tend to be "over-irritated" nerve complexes that are simply firing too much giving odd sensations. If there is not even some relief with soft tissue work within 6 weeks, then consider an MRI of both shoulder area and neck. Nerve issues can take upwards of 8 months to a year to resolve fully and sometimes more after the pressure has been removed. It is just a physiological fact and time is your best answer after treatment. Hope this helps you and feel free to follow up anytime.


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